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Hellboy punching Daleks because why the hell not.


Hey guys, it’s been some time since the first issue of Tommy and the Tapeworm hit the shelves. I can confirm here that I have been asked to return for issue 2.

Anyone else looking forward to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

If Adventure Time and My Little Pony had a baby.

Hey guys.

Check out this awesome new Doctor Who DVD from those wonderful boys at @BlogtorWho. Not only does this DVD feature interviews with such Who legends as Lousie Jameson, Sophie Aldred and Dan Starkey, it also features my personal tribute to the amazing Dr Who fans as the cover art – expertly brought to life by the colours of Steve Musgrave.

Who’s Changing is available for pre order now from Amazon.

Get your hands on it now guys, it is a must for all Doctor Who fans.

I don’t know if Matt was my favourite Doctor, but he was pretty bloody good. Here’s hoping he’s open to returning for the odd cameo or two down the line either with the BBC or those wonderful people at Big Finish. I’d love to hear how he might interact with Colin Baker or Paul McGann.

As you guys all know I love nothing more than sketching the heroes and villains of professional wresting, and why would I not, it’s like a real life comic book.

So when it came to sketching up a festive message, who would be a better fit than WWE’s own Father Christmas, Mick Foley?

Merry Christmas from @TheGrantPerkins.

And a Foley new year.

Quite possibly my favourite Doctor of the classic era.

Double sketch of Doctors 3 and 4. Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee.

Quickly becoming my favourite of the Doctors to draw, John Hurt; The War Doctor.