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Hey guys.

I finally stepped up to the digital age and got a cintiq. Here’s my first attempt at using it. What do you think?


A well deserved inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame 2015 and father to tag team greats The Usos; Rikishi.


One of the WWE’s most unique characters is The Boogeyman. This face painted, worm sucking freak is just one of the reasons the product is so entertaining.


Just remember; He’s coming to getcha!

Off the back of an awesome singles run in TNA, Bully Ray – or rather Bubba Ray as he is now known again made his return to WWE in the Royal Rumble. Hopefully this wasn’t a one off appearance. With there being a lot of young tag talent on the roster right now and a lot of familiar faces from the ECW days still around now would be the perfect time to Get The Tables.


Besides, its been a while since Paul Heyman managed a tag team…

Sketch of WWE superstar Daniel Bryan.


Have you seen The Matrix yet? Of course you have! Here’s an oil painting I just finished of Neo for a good friend of mine. Hope you like it.



Hey guys. Here’s a sketch of the awesome UK band Only The Young and a tribute to Sophia Tarjomani who we sadly lost recently.


Without a doubt, one of the most entertaining Superstars to step foot into a WWE ring in the last 5 years has to be this man. As creepy as he is cooky – and not even an Addams, Bray Wyatt.


Hey guys. I was recently asked by Titan Comics to draw an issue of DreamWorks Penguins of Madagascar. Needless to say this was a huge thrill.

I’ve been a fan of these black and white heroes since the first Madagascar movie, and with their own spin off movie currently in theatres it was perfect timing.

Penguins of Madagascar issue 2 is currently on sale in all good comic book store.