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Hey guys. Here’s a quick sketch The Chuckle Brothers. If you haven’t heard, Paul and Barry have just released a rap song featuring Tinchy Stryder.

Here’s hoping there’s a full album on the way.

The Chuckle Brothers featuring… Vanilla Ice? Lady GaGa? Suggs?

The possibilities are endless.



Hey guys, just received this in my email. Coloured by Owen Watts and Inked by the man himself, Andy Lanning.

Looking forward to the movie next month. What do you think guys?


U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.

I never understood why he used the name “Hacksaw”, but that didn’t stop Jim Duggan from becoming one of the greatest of all time.



Every so often a WWE tag team comes along with a gimmick that is awesome beyond words.

Ladies and Gentlemen; The Vaudevillians.



You know what’s awesome? Red Dwarf is awesome.

Series 6 is still my absolute favourite, just the boys and the bug. One of the highlights of that series has got to be the return of Ace and Duane. The potential for comedy between those two characters is limitless.

I’ve been fortunate to meet both Danny and Chris and am pleased to say that they are both as awesome as they are entertaining.


One of my all time favourite wrestlers has got to be Goldust. Dustin Runnels’ bizarre alter ego has had many (painted) faces over the years and many more tag partners.

Currently, WWE has combined these two traits to give Goldust a bizarre face painted tag partner; Stardust. Although it’s no secret that it is his baby brother Cody behind the make up, this stands as the first steps in what could be another great chapter for The Bizarre One.

Hey guys.

Recently I began looking into Philippine folk lore and along with Andy Lanning we looked at adapting the folk tale by Mabel Cook Cole; The Sun and the Moon.

The tale spread over three pages and is currently in need of both a colourist and a publisher. The tale is also bookmarked by two black and white oil paintings by myself (not pictured here).

This was an absolute blast to work on.


If you are a colourist or publisher who is interested in this tale, by all means drop either myself or Andy a line.



Ah, the age old question; who would win in a fight? Tyson or Ali? Hogan or Austin? Leonardo or Venkman?

So make your call, TMNT or Ghostbusters?


Recent convention sketch of Amy Pond and The First Doctor.

How much fun would this be to see?


It’s never too early for a Christmas card. Here’s some festive love from none other than WWE Superstars Zack Ryder and Mick Foley.